turncoat collective is not a band.


maybe it never was. maybe it was always more of a fucking circus…

…and maybe it still is.

we are a collective of artists, musicians, writers, anarchists, freedom lovers, pacifists, love-mongers, and revolutionaries. we were formed in november 2011. comrades are forever.

members of turncoat collective were also in or went on to form: Rent Strike!, Where We Migrate, Spud Bugs, Bullfrog Pollywog, Paint On Patches, Corporate Media Death Squad, and Grateful Jerry’s Dead.

we shared spaces with such wonderful people as: Inky Skulls, Moon Bandits, Ryan Harvey, The Wild, Madeline Ava, The Manx, Bogsey and the Argonauts, The Parmesans, Mitch the Champ, Dakota Floyd, Walter Mitty & His Makeshift Orchestra, Dolfish, Dustin & the Furniture,  Snake Shark & the Broken Heart, and many more! look, we have a facebook page for booking, write: contact@turncoatcollective.com